Over thirty years have passed…

Over thirty years have passed since we were walking through the streets of Altafulla and my husband said, “One day, you will have a school here called The Little School”. There are many memories of students and their families, the teachers that helped the school progress and the many videos we made and the magazines that we wrote.

The school moved from its humble beginnings to larger premises several times and the same students started to take Cambridge exams with an amazing success rate.

The staff have come and gone over the years but each one has made their contribution towards the constant growth and reputation of the school. A special thanks at this point to Joan Ranner, who joined the staff in 1996 and whose contribution both to the school and privately has been invaluable.

Our current premises in the heart of the village have been the perfect location for the last 20 years and the five classrooms are all in use throughout the year with space both for singing songs and exam practice and everything in between. While the teachers enjoy a well-deserved rest, the summer course takes me back each year to the school’s beginnings – teaching all ages and levels in my school.

I’m really fortunate to have such a rewarding job and such supportive staff. Thank you to all of you who have studied with us over the years, those who are with us now and all of you who are still to come.